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Frances McLaughlin shares her love for the Special Rodeo and the Silver Spurs Rodeo

Womens Lifetime Achievement award winner
The Silver Spurs Riding Club is a member-based organization sharing values of family, friendship, horsemanship, and American tradition. Generations of the Silver Spurs Riding Club members work year-round to make an impact in the production of our rodeos and, in turn, make an impact in our community. With more than 400 volunteers in the organization, the Silver Spurs Riding Club’s Board of Directors carefully chooses and awards two hard-working women every year with the Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award. On the

From volunteer to Big Boss, Mike White shares his favorite memories

Family values, charitable contributions, and community service make up the foundation of the Silver Spurs Riding Club organization. Members of the Club work year-round to coordinate rodeos and other special events, creating an impact in our community right alongside several generations of their family. With the efforts of over 400 volunteers, the Silver Spurs Rodeo continues to grow Osceola County’s rich ranching history and love for the sport of rodeo. Each year, the Board of Directors carefully selects and honors

From crowns to briefcases: The life of former Miss Silver Spurs

Rodeo queen presenting American flag
It all started back in 1960 when the Silver Spurs Riding Club created the title of Miss Silver Spurs (MSS). This rodeo royalty was created to select a local young lady to be an ambassador for the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Their job includes attending community events and traveling to other rodeos throughout Florida. For nearly 60 years, we have seen many changes in Miss Silver Spurs standards, from the western wear to variations in the crown, and even the arena

Everything you need to know on how to start rodeoing!

Greenhorns ask the experts on all things rodeo!

The Silver Spurs Riding Club knows a thing or two about the rodeo world, but we’re aware that not everyone is educated on the ins and outs of the sport. Through the years of producing the largest rodeo East of the Mississippi, we’ve received a myriad of questions about our stock, events, and rodeo culture. On the blog, we’ll answer the questions we get asked the most throughout the year straight from the Silver Spurs Riding Club members! Is there

Landmark years and pivotal moments throughout the Silver Spurs Riding Club’s history

Birds eye view of the old Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida

Barbara Kessler serves up Silver Spurs Rodeo history and its ‘All the way’ Sauce

Silver Spurs Rodeo, Womens Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Mel Wills shares the bigger meaning behind the title of Coca-Cola Cowboy

Mel Wills

The Silver Spurs Rodeo celebrates 75 years of rodeo, tradition and community

Dorothy and Jack Jensen share their love for the Silver Spurs Riding Club and living in Osceola County

142nd Silver Spurs Rodeo Results and Your Rodeo Champions

bull riding in Florida

What You’ll Need to Know About How to Score in Bull Riding

how scoring works in bull riding
While some people may think bull riders are just people who lost a bet, the truth is, these guys aren’t unlucky. This is their way of life. While the origin of the cowboy has them on the backs of wild broncs, the modern cowboy has traded in the saddle (or riggn’ if he was into bareback bronc riding) for a flat braided rope. While bronc and bull riding are both dangerous sports, few will deny that bull riding is one of rodeo’s most