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a few things to know

Submitting a credential application does not ensure the requested credential will be issued. You are able to show up to the event and request a press pass, but we cannot guarantee you will be approved without being vetted prior to the show start.

Typically, credentials are awarded to reporting personnel from recognized newspapers, wire services, magazines that regularly cover rodeo, PRCA Card Carriers and national and local news networks (radio/TV). Freelance writers and photographers will only receive credentials if on assignment (with verification) for a publication or media outlet that meets the criteria and is providing timely first-hand editorial coverage of the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Silver Spurs Rodeo reserves the right to request proof of prior rodeo coverage.

All requests must include the names and assignments of all persons expecting to cover the Silver Spurs Rodeo because credentials will be issued only to the person(s) designated in your application. Credentials are intended for working media representatives only and are non-transferable. The misuse of credentials will result in the immediate forfeiture of media privileges.

media credential approval

Upon receipt, the media credential application will be reviewed, using the guidelines outlined above. If your request is approved, you will be contacted via e-mail that lists times and dates for obtaining credentials, press room hours and other pertinent information.

internet in the silver spurs arena

The arena provides a free wi-fi network specifically for media, separate from event attendees. Personal phone lines or a personal high-speed Internet connection are available upon request and usually require additional fees. Please contact the Rodeo Media Relations Team for more information.


Due to the expected heavy demand for credentials and limited working space, not all approved and credentialed media will have access to all areas. Access to media areas will be assigned based on the information on the credential application regarding a journalist’s needs to cover the event.

main media work room and
contestant interviews

If you’d like to interview competitors, rodeo queens or members of the Silver Spurs Riding Club, appointments can be arranged for you. Please contact Kelly Trace at 407-908-8238 or


Photographers will work from the moat area. There are also press-only platforms on the moat. Access to this area is through the South Lobby. You will need your credential to get into the moat area. If your camera lens is longer than 3 inches, when fully extended, you’ll need to fill out the above media credentials form.

please fill out the following form to request credentials for our next event.

The smell of freshly churned dirt mingles in the air. The sound of hooves pounds against the ground. The rodeo announcer's voice booms over the speakers, welcoming everyone to this celebration of cowboy heritage. The crowd responds with exhilarating cheers. This can only mean one thing - it's rodeo season!

And in Kissimmee, Florida, there is no rodeo more iconic than the Silver Spurs Rodeo, the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi. Our roots run deep in the heart of Osceola County, Florida, where our history stems from a humble gathering of ranchers in the early 1940s. For more than 80 years, we have been preserving and showcasing the thrilling sport of rodeo.
As a non-profit organization, our mission goes beyond providing exhilarating entertainment. For us, it's not just about the thrill of riding broncs or taming bulls. It's about preserving tradition and celebrating the courage and resilience that defines our heritage.

Every rider, every spectator and every volunteer contributes to creating an atmosphere filled with unwavering support and adrenaline-fueled excitement. But beyond all the dust kicked up by hooves and all the cheers echoing through the stands lies something even more profound—the deep sense of community in Osceola County and our ability to give back to it.

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