5 rodeo costumes you and your kids can rock this Halloween

5 rodeo costumes you and your kids can rock this Halloween

Halloween is a time for people to dress up, show their creativity and be someone different for a night. Meaning, you’ll have the opportunity to pretend you and your family can be like the cowboys and cowgirls you see in the arena! With Halloween right around the corner, you can relive all those exciting feelings you might've experienced during one of our rodeos. To help you win best dressed at your Halloween party or just outdo all your friends while trick-or-treating, we threw together a couple of fun, rodeo costume suggestions. Here are five easy and affordable rodeo-themed costumes you and your family can rock this Halloween!

Rodeo Clown

If you have been to rodeos in Florida, chances are you know the rodeo clown is always ready for some fun. If you’re looking to be the life of the party this Halloween, then this is the costume for you! All you need is face paint, an old t-shirt, and oversized denim shorts with suspenders to get ready. Before leaving, don’t forget to get a handful of good jokes to keep your friends entertained all night!Check out this link here to create your own rodeo clown costume or here to see how to paint your face like a true rodeo clown.Bull RiderBull riding is the roughest and toughest event in rodeo, with the hardest part of the job being to just hang on. Fortunately for you, you get to look and act the part without all the hard work! This is a simple and easy costume choice that takes no time to put together. You will need jeans, a button-up, chaps, and an old helmet or cowboy hat. If you are ready to dance like you won the rodeo, now’s your chance to do it!  


A roper is all about time and this costume is definitely easy for any time frame! This is a quick and easy costume where you can just throw on a pair of jeans, a button-up, and a cowboy hat. But, if you want to top off the roper look, be sure to accessorize with a real rope. Hopefully, you’ll be able to rope in a good time and a whole lot of candy!  If you’re in need of some accessories for your lil’ roper, check out our sponsor Boot Barn to give your kid the final touch to their costume.Cowboy or Cowgirl with HorseThese costumes can be quick, simple and a lot of fun! Pair your favorite rodeo shirt with some starched jeans and you’ll look like a real-life cowboy or cowgirl. Don’t forget to top your costume off with a hat and your favorite pair of boots. This costume is also perfect for those dog owners out there, as you can include your (four-legged) best friend in your Halloween festivities. Check out this cute and affordable cowboy and cowgirl costume this Halloween.

Bronc Rider

Bronc riders have to stay on a bucking bronc for eight seconds. While that sounds like it’s easy, it’s actually a pretty hard feat when you consider how hard that bronc is bucking to get that rider off. Rest assured, this costume will only take you about eight minutes... which is way easier! All you need is a pair of jeans, an old button-up, a cowboy hat, and a pair of chaps. If you can handle being a superstar for a night, then this costume is for you!If you need to find some chaps for your lil’ bronc rider, check out our sponsor Boot Barn to give your kid the final touch to their costume.We hope you are feeling inspired by these rodeo-themed Halloween costume ideas! Be sure to snap pictures and share your rodeo inspired Halloween costume with us on Facebook or Twitter! Get some inspiration for your rodeo costume by attending our next rodeo![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]