What Is Quadrille?

What is a quadrille?

Every year, the Silver Spurs Quadrille team will perform during our rodeos displaying their horsemanship skills. But to those of you asking, “What is a Quadrille?” well we’ll help clear up the confusion! The Quadrille is a very popular event which can best be described as “square dancing on horseback.” The Silver Spurs began performing it in 1941 for various functions. They performed in Moultrie, Georgia, participated in the state Kiwanis Convention in Orlando, and performed in the Orange Bowl Parade in Miami. In 1942 they performed shows for the benefit of Crippled Children, the American Red Cross and the Army-Navy Relief Show. They have since performed in all of our rodeos, as well as many local parades. Want to know more information about what is a quadrille? Check out our blog post, The Silver Spurs Quadrille Team: The Humble Beginnings Of A Longstanding Tradition.