Rodeo Day: The best school holiday ever

There’s a lot that Osceola County has to offer that makes it unique and if you’re a true native of this place then you know what makes Rodeo Day so special. But if you’re not, you’re in luck. For any kid in the Osceola County School District, a Friday off just means a three day weekend! But, this three day weekend is something to celebrate.

rodeo day in kissimmee
rodeo day kissimmeeWhile other counties recognize President’s Day, the third Monday in February, by taking a hiatus from school, Osceola County stands out by recognizing Rodeo Day instead (no disrespect, Mr. President…). Going back through school calendars, the earliest record of Rodeo Day goes back to 1953. But, it could go back even further since they did not keep detailed minutes in the early days! Some locals can remember skipping school just for the rodeo. Some of them needed more than one day off!

Ranching and the Silver Spurs Riding Club has been a part of our area’s heritage for generations. Ranchers founded the land and community we all have grown up on today, which catapulted our growing economy in agriculture. Who knew a fundraiser for war bonds would lead to a special holiday and years of Rodeos?

The first Rodeo was started out of need for our military. The admission into the original rodeo was a war bond. They were trying to raise funds for the military to buy ammunition and equipment. Now the admission into the rodeo is only $15 dollars and the funds support many initiatives in the area including scholarships, cancer research efforts and more.

We’ve always known Osceola County was a special place, but now we know what really makes it unique… Rodeo Day! So make sure that on Rodeo Day you celebrate with us, and with all Osceola County students getting into the rodeo free you have no excuse not to!

Want to see what the Silver Spurs Rodeo is all about? Check our event schedule to see when our next rodeo is and when tickets go on sale. Between the action-packed rodeo events and the family-fun activities, you won’t want to miss the rodeo when it comes to town!