More than just a rodeo: The story of the Silver Spurs Stock Committee

It’s the boom of pyrotechnics, the buck of every bull and bronc, and the turn-on-a-dime of every barrel racer. You know them as the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi for their community involvement and a longstanding tradition of wild rodeo action. However, the Silver Spurs Riding Club is more than just a rodeo to over 300 year-round volunteers committed to the betterment of the community by way of rodeo. 

Join us in celebration as we mark the Club’s 8th decade by highlighting the committees who make the Silver Spurs Rodeo possible each February, June, and October. First up, the committee responsible for breeding and bringing wild broncs and rank bulls to show out for top dollar rides. 

The Silver Spurs Stock Committee was formed when Doug Partin and Shang Bronson began breeding and raising bucking stock for the Club in the 1960s. The committee came to be out of a need for local, high-caliber bucking roughstock. As a non-profit organization, the Silver Spurs Riding Club has always donated proceeds to various charities throughout the years. By raising and bucking their stock, the Silver Spurs eventually saved money by not hiring stock contractors from around the region for their rodeo events. 

bucking horses roaming the pasture

To increase the quantity of stock, many ranching families and members of the Club followed in their footsteps. To this day, a majority of the bulls you see at Silver Spurs’ events have Osceola County roots. Bred and raised on local ranches, Silver Spurs bulls are groomed to become the best of the best. As one of two rodeos within the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association to be considered their own stock contractor, members of the Silver Spurs Riding Club continue the tradition of breeding and raising bucking bulls and broncs in Kissimmee, Florida. 

With the founding stock committee members close to their hearts and heavy on their minds, committee chairman George Kemper, members Henry Kempfer, Kevin Whaley, Scott Ramsey, Ken Baker, and many others behind the scenes, dedicate their time to cultivate exceptional animal athletes. The stock committee’s job is to draft the roughstock used at rodeos around the state and care for them throughout the year, including feeding and keeping them safe and healthy as they haul them from one rodeo to another. 

With our unwavering love of the sport of rodeo and roughstock, the Silver Spurs Riding Club stock committee will continue to preserve an American tradition cultivated by our ancestors, and of course, produce bulls and broncs that dominate inside the Silver Spurs Arena. You can learn more about the stock committee on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter throughout the month of November as we feature different volunteers and their commitment to the Silver Spurs Riding Club. 

If you’re like us, you’re wondering when the bulls and broncs will come back to town! Check out our event schedule to see when you can rodeo with us!