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Big Boss, Silver Spurs Riding Club


Clifton Chapman is a fourth-generation Osceola County cattle rancher and third-generation Silver Spurs Riding Club member. Clifton’s Grandma, Aileen “Bill” Chapman was one of the founding members of the Silver Spurs Riding Club (SSRC) back in 1941. Her memory lives on every year through the Miss Silver Spurs Pageant horsemanship award named in her honor. Both Clifton’s Granddad, “Chappy’ Chapman, and his dad, Jimmy, have served in the role of “Big Boss,” or president, of the SSRC in previous years. Needless to say, the Silver Spurs Rodeo has been a part of Clifton’s life from his earliest memories. From helping his dad down in the timed event pens as a youngster, to escorting the Little Miss Silver Spurs contestants at the age of 10, riding over to Silver Spurs Quadrille practice in the old arena from his grandparent’s barn as a teen, to currently participating in the adult Quadrille. He is now passing on his love for the Silver Spurs Riding Club to his four boys, who you can find riding sheep during the mutton bustin’ and riding in the junior Quadrille. 


Aside from his family’s involvement in the Silver Spurs Rodeo and helping on his family’s ranch, Clifton grew up active in local sports. Little League baseball and Pop Warner football led to varsity baseball and football at St. Cloud High School and college baseball at Pasco Hernando Junior college. After junior college, Clifton continued his education at the University of Georgia (UGA), where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness. Upon graduation from UGA in 2009, Clifton and his wife, Ashleigh, moved back home to Double C Bar Ranch in Kenansville to help manage the family business. Double C Bar Ranch raises locally finished beef, purebred brahman cattle, and has a 30-acre U-pick blueberry farm. 

Clifton is now raising the fifth generation of Cattlemen on the family ranch. He and Ashleigh have four boys: Rowdy Luke (11), Ryder Justus (9), Rustyn Eli (8), and Rooke Shiloh (6). The boys are following in their dad’s footsteps in their love of all things ranch, rodeo, the outdoors, and team sports. When they aren’t working with their dad on the ranch, or at practice where Clifton is usually their coach, you can find them enjoying the great outdoors through hunting, fishing, building forts, or honing their survival skills. 

Outside of the Silver Spurs Riding Club, Clifton is also involved in many other community organizations, he is currently the vice president of the Osceola County Cattlemen’s Association, the foreign trade liaison for the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, a board member for the Osceola County Farm Bureau, and a head and assistant coach for St. Cloud Little League youth baseball and Pop Warner football. 

Despite his busy schedule and full life at home, Clifton is proud to be a part of and to serve with the Silver Spurs Riding Club. This organization goes far beyond putting on a good rodeo. The Silver Spurs Riding Club consistently gives back to the community in many ways, and stands for the values that make our community great—faith in God, families working together, the freedom of this great country, and honoring those that have fought and are currently fighting to protect it. 


Big Boss : Clifton Chapman
Little Boss : Sara Berlinsky
Straw Boss: Randy Booth
Old Bossy : Henry Thacker
Round-Up Boss: Kaye Whaley


Shoat MonstDeOca
JJ White
Ken Baker
Rayelynne Ketchum
Steve Pennington
Dustin Bronson


Heather Blandford Burns
Phone: 321-697-3495

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2022-23 – Clifton Chapman
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