Silver Spurs: Rodeo is Our Business, Helping is Our Mission

Silver Spurs: Rodeo is Our Business, Helping is Our Mission

The Silver Spurs Riding Club has played a prominent role in the community since its very first show. After establishing the Club in 1941, the founding members began organizing rodeos that benefitted the Red Cross and other charities. Shortly after the first Silver Spurs Arena was built, the inaugural Silver Spurs Rodeo aided the country’s World War II effort. Seventy-five years and two arenas later, they’re still putting on rodeos to benefit their hometown! In March of 1944, the group staged a performance as their contribution to the Fourth War Loan, where admission to the rodeo was the purchase of a war bond. The Club's mission has since been to make a difference in the community by putting on an entertaining, family-friendly rodeo and generating money to put back into the community. For the past seven decades, The Silver Spurs Riding Club has donated a portion of the money raised by the rodeos and events throughout the year to give back to many local organizations.

Silver Spurs Riding Club and others presenting a check to benefit the community in an arena

Each February, during the three-day Silver Spurs Rodeo event, the Silver Spurs Riding Club selects a Central Florida nonprofit or organization as the beneficiary of the event. Examples of nonprofits that the Silver Spurs Riding Club have donated to in the past include but are not limited to; Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families of Orlando, Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Osceola County, and Habitat for Humanity. In addition to this monetary donation, the Silver Spurs Riding Club will also host free community events, like the Special Rodeo, which allows local children with special needs to experience the rodeo through fun and engaging rodeo-related activities.The June rodeo benefits Horses for Heroes, sponsored by the nearby Heavenly Hooves therapeutic riding center in Saint Cloud, Florida. Heavenly Hooves is partnered with the McCormick Research Institute and the UCF College of Medicine where they provide equine therapy for veterans. For 10 weeks these men and women — many of them suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — meet once a week for three hours where they learn the ropes of caring for horses, and eventually work up to riding horses that are specifically trained for Equine Assisted Therapy. The group typically includes eight veterans, an equine professional, and a mental health specialist. The Silver Spurs Riding Club is proud to do its part in supporting those who have selflessly served in the United States armed forces.

young lady being presented a scholarship award by the Silver Spurs Riding Club

The Silver Spurs Riding Club believes that the kids in the local community are important, and their future success is linked to the community’s future success. In an effort to help offset the costs of college for qualified high school graduates within the community, the Silver Spurs Riding Club provides eight thousand dollars annually towards scholarships in affiliation with the Osceola County Education Foundation. A second way they show support for the local youth is through buying market animals at the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show and Fair each February, and giving a monetary donation to our local chapter of the National FFA Organization, an organization that strives to keep the agriculture industry alive in Central Florida. All of this is made possible through the Club’s members and their children volunteering their time to be there. From the people running the concession stands to those working behind the chutes with our contestants and livestock, to the members who are riding in the Silver Spurs Quadrille teams, every rodeo is put on by board members and Club members, many of which who have been volunteering since they were children. Each person involved has a passion for the sport of rodeo and a heart that loves to serve the community.They don’t share this information to boast or brag. They don’t need to convince you to join in on the rodeo fun because let’s face it, rodeo action speaks for itself. They’re sharing this information as an invitation to be a part of something greater than yourselves and in hopes of strengthening the sense of community within Osceola County. For generations, the Silver Spurs Riding Club’s organization has been and continues to be the heartbeat of Kissimmee. A love of the animals, the land and the community is the very foundation of the sport of rodeo, and the Silver Spurs Riding Club is proud to keep that tradition alive. Ready to contribute to your community while also enjoying an action-packed rodeo? Check out the event schedule so you can experience some of rodeo’s traditional events: bareback riding, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, team roping, tie-down roping, barrel racing, and bull riding!