5 things that surprise people the most about the Silver Spurs Rodeo

5 things that surprise people the most about the Silver Spurs Rodeo

Rodeo is one of America's oldest and earliest forms of extreme sports. With most of the rodeo events inspired by from everyday ranch chores and the western way of life, it's easy to see why the sport of rodeo still resonants strongly for many Americans. However, if you've never been to a rodeo before, you should know that no two rodeos in Florida will be the same. While they might all feature the same rodeo events: bull riding, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, team roping, bareback riding, steer wrestling, women's barrel racing, each rodeo may have different specialty acts or events that coincide or are a part of their performance.

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The Silver Spurs Rodeo is a bi-annual rodeoMost major rodeos are typically held annually, with smaller rodeos in Florida being held more frequently, sometimes on a monthly basis. However, for the Silver Spurs Rodeo, our rodeo takes place the third weekend of February and the first weekend of June. Both Silver Spurs Rodeos coincide with other family-friendly events. The Osceola County Fair takes places in February while the Silver Spurs Riding Club hosts an annual School's Out Blowout in June, that way, Central Florida families and visitors can have the most fun without breaking the bank.The Silver Spurs Riding Club owns a majority of the rough stock used during the Silver Spurs RodeoWhile most people may recognize the Silver Spurs Rodeo as an event or the Silver Spurs Riding Club as an organization (we'll get into that later), they often don't realize that the Silver Spurs Riding Club also produces and uses its own rough stock in the rough stock events. The Silver Spurs Ranch is located in Kenansville (just a short drive south from the arena) and is home to about 100 broncs and bulls. A majority of their life is spent out on the ranch, soaking up the sun and having an occasional dirt bath now and then, only performing in three or four rodeo performances a year. But, don't think they're rusty. The rough stock used at the Silver Spurs Rodeo ranks as some of the top rodeo stock in the industry performing in national rodeos like the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo (RNCFR) and the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR).

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The adult and junior Silver Spurs Quadrille performancesWhile ranching chores did have their part in forming the Silver Spurs Rodeo and other rodeos in Florida, it was actually the formation of the Silver Spurs Quadrille team that ultimately developed into the Silver Spurs Riding Club in 1941. Made up of 16 riders (making eight riding teams when paired up) the adult Silver Spurs Quadrille team performs a square dance on horseback during the February performances and the junior Silver Spurs Quadrille team during the June performances. What's particularly special about this event is that some of the riders are actual descendants from the founding Silver Spurs Quadrille members.The Silver Spurs Riding Club is a nonprofit that donates proceeds from the Silver Spurs Rodeo to local charitiesUnlike other rodeos in Florida, The Silver Spurs Rodeo is put on by a nonprofit organization. The Silver Spurs Riding Club is a 501(c)(5) nonprofit with more than 500 volunteers in the organization who help put on the Silver Spurs Rodeo year after year. Volunteers help by running the concession stands, working behind the chutes with the livestock and ushering attendants through the doors. Since the first Silver Spurs Rodeo in 1944, a portion of the proceeds raised from all the performances is donated to a local charity.

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The Silver Spurs Rodeo has kid-friendly activities your family can enjoy before, during and after the performanceWhen people come to our rodeo, they're expecting to see rodeo-action from seven events, cowboys, and rodeo queens. But, they're often surprised by the amount of kid-friendly activities we have before, during and after the Silver Spurs Rodeo performances. For example, during both Silver Spurs Rodeos, halfway through each performance, we hold a "calf scramble" where we invite kids between the ages of six and ten down to the dirt for a chance to win $5 by catching a ribbon off of three calves. Before the February Silver Spurs Rodeo, kids and adults can enjoy the Osceola County Fair as the cost of a rodeo ticket includes admission to the Fair and in June, the Silver Spurs Rodeo ticket gives attendees the chance to enjoy the School's Out Blowout full of bounce houses, games and obstacle courses. Then after all of our rodeo performances, kids can meet real-life rodeo royalty as state and local rodeo queens will sign autographs and pose with every future cowboy and cowgirl.These are just a few things that surprise people the most about our rodeo, but we're sure there are a couple of things we're missing. Since the Silver Spurs Rodeo is a biannual event, check out our event schedule through the link below to see when our next rodeo will take place so you can buy your tickets in advance for all the rodeo-family fun!