9 Family Fun Activities You Can Do at the Rodeo

From sneaking in selfie sticks to stuffing your socks to hit the height requirements for rides, there sure are a lot of rules to follow at theme parks. In this blog, we’re going to break down nine things you can do at a rodeo that you can’t do at a theme park.

1. An action-packed event for ALL ages

At a theme park, there are rides and activities that often have certain height and age requirements. But at the rodeo, you’ll experience an action-packed event that every age and height can take part in. And you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the back. The arena is set up stadium-style, so every seat will allow you a great view of the rodeo action!

2. Donate to a cause through your admission to the rodeo

The Silver Spurs Riding Club is actually a non-profit organization. Both the sportsmanship of rodeo and giving back to our community were the foundations that the Silver Spurs Riding Club were built on. Admission into our first rodeo in 1944 was the purchase of a war bond. Now, through the purchase of your ticket, we’re able to donate to organizations such as the Florida Hospital Foundation, Heroes and Horses, and the Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families

3. Inexpensive family fun

With the prices for theme park tickets as high as they are, your family might have to save up for a whole year just to get you and your family in. But at our rodeo, tickets aren’t more than $20, and kids 10 and under are free! So why not save your money from the parks and spend the afternoon and evening with us?

4. $12 hamburgers? No way!

We take our food very seriously here at the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Our concession stands make it easy on your wallet and family when it comes to keeping the hunger at bay. Not only is our concession food relatively inexpensive, but it is never frozen or used twice. During the rodeo, we have some special cowboy chefs that cook during the whole performance to make sure you have the best and freshest hamburger in Osceola County!

5. We don’t herd sheep… We ride ‘em!

During our June rodeo, we bring out a special treat that is a fan favorite and a must-see for all rodeo first-timers. Mutton bustin’ is our sheep-riding competition where you’ll see kids ages four to six years old holding on to sheep for as long as they can. Along with bragging rights, the kids will win a buckle after their ride. This event is held before the rodeo starts, so make sure to grab your seats early to catch this unique “competition.”

6. Square dancing on horseback  

We take 16 of the roughest and toughest cowboys and cowgirls here in Osceola County and give them the task of riding out six different formations in one of the fastest halftime events you’ll see in our rodeo. Our square dancing on horseback team, also known as the “Quadrille Team,” can be found at the February Silver Spurs Rodeo and has been recognized for decades as one of the special events that helped found our rodeo. They practice every week up until the rodeo performances to make sure they can keep you on the edge of your seat and put a smile on your face with the different colors and themes they sport while riding. Stay on the lookout for our peewee and junior quadrille teams during our annual June Rodeo!

7. Rodeo royalty

Theme parks may have princesses, but we have rodeo queens! Our rodeo queens do so much more than stand around and greet people when they walk into the rodeo. The rodeo queens take the time to talk to rodeo fans and are often referred to as the liaisons between the cowboys and the fans. Their job is to talk to the rodeo fans and inform you about themselves, the contestants, and the history of rodeo. And don’t worry about missing their “meet up time” – at the rodeo, you’ll be able to meet them before, during, or after the performance. 

8. The calf scramble  

Do you have a little cowgirl or cowboy that wants to get in on some of the rodeo events? We have just the thing! The calf scramble is a great opportunity for kids 12 and under to get some time on the dirt and in the spotlight. This is part of the halftime show of the rodeo, during which kids stand at one side of the arena and have to run after a few calves at the other end, trying to pull a ribbon off their tails. The first three children to get the ribbons will win a crisp $5 and all the bragging rights!

9. Our characters are the real deal!

You might not be able to get autographs or take pictures with our characters (we’re talking about the livestock), but each one has a unique story. If you listen closely during the rodeo, you’ll hear the announcer say the name of every horse and bull that busts out of the chutes. Our characters are the real deal because they all have a role to play. All of the cowboys that come to our rodeo get to team up with our characters to try and make an eight-second ride to walk away with bragging rights… and hopefully a fat wallet. 

Are you ready to rodeo? Join us Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th for the 149th Silver Spurs Rodeo where you can watch seven of rodeo’s traditional events: bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, women’s barrel racing, and team roping! The June rodeo will also present junior barrel racing, junior bull riding and the junior quadrille. Hope to see y’all then!