Why Kissimmee rodeo tickets make the best stocking stuffer

While everyone is sweating over the fact that it’s 80 degrees in December, people forget what holiday is right around the corner. Christmas. And while everyone loves to break out the ugly sweaters and bake cookies, there can be some pressure to find the perfect holiday gift. But, what exactly is the perfect gift? Is it a movie your friend won’t stop quoting? Or, is the perfect gift even a material item to begin with? Shopping for gifts in 2018 when everyone already has everything they need can be challenging, but if you want to be Little Johnny’s favorite gift giver this year, we’ve got an idea. Gift the Silver Spurs Rodeo! Experience-gifting is the latest craze, and sending them to our Kissimmee rodeo is the best idea. Here’s why…

1. Science says experience gifts are the most memorable gifts

rodeos in Kissimmee In 2014, Cornell University professors submitted their findings to Psychological Science on people’s feelings when receiving experiential purchases versus material purchases as gifts. As it turns out, researchers found that experiential purchases bring more happiness than material purchases. By conducting surveys, researchers discovered that when people were asked to talk about past purchases, people spoke more about their experiences rather than their material gifts. In another study, researchers found that people derive more happiness from the anticipation of experiential purchases, and waiting for an experience tends to be more worthwhile than waiting to receive a material good.

2. It’s unique to Florida, and it only comes around a few times a year

Each year, millions of people visit Florida for the theme parks, shopping malls, and beaches. However, Florida has a rich history in the beef industry and ranching that predates the arrival of a certain mouse. Back in the early years of Osceola County, much fun was had playing on the ranch or going on a trail ride… not the same thrills we know today. But that all changed 76 years ago when a group of young ranchers took that fun and created the Silver Spurs Quadrille Team, a square dance on horseback performed in Kissimmee and other places throughout the state. Lucky for you, they perform at every single Silver Spurs Rodeo, and it’s one of the best parts of our show and our oldest tradition.

3. Affordable for the whole family

kissimmee rodeoIt seems harder and harder each year to not only find a gift for each of your family members but also gifts that fit within your budget. That’s why one of the Silver Spurs Club’s missions is to maintain an affordable ticket price so families don’t have to break the bank to spend time with one another. However, a lot of people don’t realize that there is more included in a Silver Spurs Rodeo ticket than what other Florida rodeos offer… especially in February! For example, a ticket to the Silver Spurs Rodeo covers your admission into the Osceola County Fair. So why not show up early to play fair games, ride the Ferris wheel, eat some fried Oreos, and then make your way to the arena!

Ordering tickets as gifts this year is easy and all online, perfect for last minute gifts! Click the link below to purchase your family’s 142nd Silver Spurs Rodeo and 8th Monster Bulls tickets. With performances starting in February, you’ll have plenty of time to order your tickets, stick them in each stocking and buy matching western outfits for Christmas!