Everything and more on what to expect at Boots, Bulls and Barrels

You may be familiar with rodeos in Florida, like the Silver Spurs Rodeo and Monster Bulls, but did you know the Silver Spurs Club is hosting an exciting event your family is sure to love? On Saturday, October 5th, the Silver Spurs Club is inviting local cowboys and cowgirls to compete in our last event of the year, Boots, Bulls and Barrels! On the blog, we’ll go over what you can expect during this event and why your family will love it!

Meet real cowboys and cowgirls
Little do people know, rodeos in Kissimmee give your little cowgirl, cowboy or ranch hand a chance to see a real cowboy and cowgirl in action! You’ll see that there is more to the cowboy way of life than riding a horse into the sunset. During Boots, Bulls, and Barrels, you and your kids will be able to meet the cowboys who ride a bucking bull for (hopefully) eight action-packed seconds, see cowgirls ride fast horses as they compete against one another (and the clock) in barrel racing and hang on the edge of your seats as you watch the quickest event in rodeo, steer wrestling.

Meet rodeo royalty
Catch Miss Silver Spurs, Makenzie Connor, and her court at Boots, Bulls and, Barrels! Our rodeo queens are more than just pretty faces, watch them fly around the arena carrying sponsor flags and grab a selfie with them later on the concourse. Our rodeo royalty serve as ambassadors to the sport of rodeo and are knowledgable about the events you will see at Boots, Bulls, and Barrels. So, if you have any questions during the event, the Silver Spurs Rodeo queens and other visiting queens would love to talk and clear things up for you.

See action-packed events
Bull riding, barrel racing, and steer wrestling are rodeo fans’ favorite events. And who could blame them? From seeing how fast a bull spins and the millisecond time difference between barrel racing competitors to the speed and strength in the steer wrestling, there is sure to be plenty of excitement! During Boots, Bulls, and Barrels, guests can enjoy a night full of bull riding and steer wrestling with a little bit of barrel racing from the top 10 fastest barrel racing times from the Silver Spurs Spooktacular 4D barrel race.

Laugh out loud at the man in the can
While most people come to rodeos to see the action-packed rodeo events, one of the things you’ll probably love the most will be our entertainment in between the action. Our rodeo clown is one of the best in the business, and he’s sure to keep you dancing, laughing and singing all throughout our rodeo! If you’re lucky, he might even join you in the stands or dance with you on the arena dirt.

Share the excitement of our last rodeo event of the year, Boots, Bulls, and Barrels on Saturday, October 5th at 7:30 pm! Aside from watching action-packed events, you can meet real cowboys, cowgirls and our rodeo royalty all while having fun with the man in the can!