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2015 Florida Ranch Rodeo Finals

2015 Florida Ranch Rodeo Finals & Free Cowboy Heritage Festival At the Silver Spurs Arena, Osceola Heritage Park September 25-26 Visit the Cattlemen’s site for more info.

5 things you can do in Kissimmee while attending the Silver Spurs Rodeo

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So, you think the rodeo sounds like a good time, and you’re considering visiting Kissimmee for the Silver Spurs Rodeo this June. You’d have to drive an hour or two, though, so you’d like to make a day of it or even stay overnight. You’ve probably already done the Disney and Universal thing, are waiting to take your kids when they’re older, or just can’t justify the expense of theme park tickets right now. Are we preaching to the choir

Everything You Need to Know About the Sport of Barrel Racing

The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) made its debut in 1948 when 38 women came together for the promotion and advancement of women competing in professional rodeo. Seventy-one years later, barrel racing has undoubtedly evolved. It’s time to dust off the books and take a look back at the history of barrel racing. On the blog, read everything you need to know about the only women’s rodeo event that the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) recognizes at their sanctioned events. 

More Than 8 Seconds with a PRCA Judge

What’s black and white, is in the middle of all the action, and plays on the dirt during every Silver Spurs Rodeo performance? (Hint: Zebras aren’t rodeo animals!) Did you guess a PRCA judge? Whether you’ve noticed them or not, these men are right in the midst of the action (even during rough stock events!), ensuring the fairness of each rodeo event. We sat down with Steve Knowles, former Silver Spurs Rodeo Bull Riding champion, former Silver Spurs Big Boss,

A Year in the Life of the Silver Spurs Big Boss

Tim Shirah awarding 5k to Florida Hospital
By Tim Shirah In July of 2014 I took the position of being Big Boss of the Silver Spurs Club. I have been a Spurs member for eight years, for six of which I have served on the Board of Directors before being selected for the position of Big Boss. This position is about the equivalent of saying I am either the chairman of the board or the president. The Silver Spurs Club is a nonprofit organization, and our 361

6 Facts About Rodeo That Will Impress Your Friends

The Not-So-Simple Life of a Rodeo Queen

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Silver Spurs Rodeo announces 135th rodeo event on June 5th and 6th in Kissimmee

Silver Spurs Rodeo announces 135th rodeo event on June 5th and 6th in Kissimmee - Bull Riding - Silver Spurs Rodeo
The Silver Spurs Riding Club announces its 135th Silver Spurs Rodeo on Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6 at 7:30pm at Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee. Kicking off rodeo weekend is the annual Miss Silver Spurs Pageant, which takes place on Thursday, June 4 at 6:30pm. Contestants compete in one of three age divisions: Miss Silver Spurs, Junior Miss Silver Spurs, and Little Miss Silver Spurs. Rodeo queen contestants will have already participated in interviews and a horsemanship competition.

A Tale of the Unsung Rodeo Heroes: Bullfighters

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From Bell-Bottom Jeans to Jewelry and Bling: The Evolution of Rodeo Fashion

When people first hear the word “rodeo”, most will likely picture a man in a ten gallon hat, plaid shirt, and jeans — think Marlboro Man. The truth is, rodeo and fashion have gone hand in hand for decades. Believe it or not, rodeo attire has seen its fair share of fashion trends. In celebration of the upcoming Miss Silver Spurs Pageant on June 4th, we thought we’d share a bit of the evolution of rodeo fashion. Going back to the

Rodeo Day: The best school holiday ever

rodeo day in osceola county
There’s a lot that Osceola County has to offer that makes it unique and if you’re a true native of this place then you know what makes Rodeo Day so special. But if you’re not, you’re in luck. For any kid in the Osceola County School District, a Friday off just means a three day weekend! But, this three day weekend is something to celebrate. While other counties recognize President’s Day, the third Monday in February, by taking a hiatus

Ed Partin talks steaks with Silver Spurs Rodeo

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