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The Special Rodeo: A Silver Spurs tradition for more than 30 years

A few months ago, we talked about the humble beginnings of the Silver Spurs Rodeo along with the cattle industry’s influence on Kissimmee. And while our rodeo started off as a way for neighbors and friends to come together in the name of horsemanship and friendly competition, it’s amazing to see how many people come year after year to watch our rodeo. And while many people flock to the stands to watch our Monsters Bulls performance, the Wrangler Champions Challenge or the Silver Spurs

Meet Some of Osceola’s Founding Families: Bronson, Overstreet and Partin

You might be familiar with Kissimmee’s roots in agriculture, but do you know about Osceola County’s pioneer families that helped put Kissimmee on the map? With much of Kissimmee’s history found in shared stories from old friends and family members, it’s important to us that those stories don’t become lost in time. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of Osceola’s founding families who you’ll soon realize had a part in setting the foundation for Kissimmee along with the

The history of the PRCA: Celebrating 80 years of dirt, hard work, and cowboys

Since the early 1800s, Americans have been fascinated with the country’s oldest sport: Rodeo. What started as a way of making a living in unfamiliar territory has evolved into a national sport that draws in audiences from all around the world. Each year, thousands of people travel to our rodeo to get a glimpse of the what cowboy lifestyle is about in Kissimmee. Since 1944, when the Silver Spurs Riding Club held its first Silver Spurs Rodeo, we’ve been able to showcase Kissimmee’s

How the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund helps our rodeo contestants

Justin Cowboy Crisis
While all sports put athletes at some risk, when you include 1,200 pound animals, who (for some) you’ve had no previous experience with, the risk of injury rises. In fact, rodeo is actually considered the most dangerous sport,  causing one and a half times more injuries than boxing, 10 times more than football and 13 times more than ice hockey. But unlike most professional sports, rodeo competitors don’t receive a yearly salary by signing a contract. They earn their money through competing in PRCA sanctioned rodeos throughout

The Role and Responsibilities of Rodeo Clowns and Barrelmen

history of barrelmen
When most people attend a rodeo, they’re expecting to see cowboys in ten-gallon hats, broncs, and bucking bulls. So you can imagine their look of surprise when they see a clown, complete with an oversized costume and a painted face, on the dirt. This clown isn’t lost, though – he’s right where he’s needed! These “clowns” are either referred to as rodeo clowns or barrelmen, and they play a very important role during each performance. Typically, rodeo clowns are strictly focused on

Meet the REAL Kowboy Jake: Pete Clemons

Kowboy Jake
Walking through downtown Kissimmee, it’s easy to spot the influence that ranching and the sport of rodeo have on this old kowtown. From the mini cowboy boots inlaid on the sidewalks to pictures of a cowboy riding a bronc built into the lamp posts, it’s safe to say that Kissimmee and Osceola County hold their cowboys in high esteem. In May, more than 600 seniors graduated from Osceola High School after spending years at sporting events, and pep rallies alongside

22 Rodeo Terms You Should Know for your First Rodeo

The sport of rodeo has seven traditional events that all have their own unique terminology. While you soak in all the action, you may end up confused as to why a steer wrestler just received a no time or a barrel racer just had five seconds added to her time. We know that rodeo can be a challenging sport to learn, and we’re here to help! Whether you’re a greenhorn, what we call rodeo newbies, or just looking to expand

So, What Are All These Rodeos in Kissimmee?

Kissimmee rodeos
[This blog was updated on August 13th, 2019 to reflect the 2019-2020 rodeo schedule.] One of rodeo’s biggest myths? Once you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. Whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent attendee, you never really know what to expect at rodeos in Kissimmee, which is part of the reason why so many are held here in good ol’ Osceola County! That being said, we understand that keeping all of these different rodeos straight can be

9 Things You Can Do at a Rodeo that You Can’t Do at a Theme Park

Silver Spurs Quadrille
From sneaking in selfie sticks to stuffing your socks to hit the height requirements for rides, there sure are a lot of rules to follow at theme parks. In this blog, we’re going to break down nine things you can do at a rodeo that you can’t do at a theme park. 1. An action-packed event for ALL ages At a theme park, there are rides and activities that often have certain height and age requirements. But at the rodeo,

Cowboy Essentials: What Equipment Do Roughstock Cowboys Bring to Rodeos?

Why do they call Kissimmee Kowtown, with a K?

kowtown osceola
Many people may know Kissimmee as the gateway to Walt Disney World, but to many locals, the city is known for its rich history in the cattle industry. A history created by our pioneer ranching families helped us earn the nickname, Kowtown. While time and technology have changed in our beloved city, she has grown with it, advancing agri-technology and, yes, even rodeo technology. With fourth- and fifth-generation ranching families and agriculture companies located throughout Osceola County, it’s safe to say that Kissimmee hasn’t forgotten

Why the Calf Scramble is a Silver Spurs Rodeo Fan Favorite

what is a calf scramble
Every year, thousands of people flock to our rodeo to meet rodeo queens, see cowboys get the rides of their lives, and to watch their very favorite rodeo event… The calf scramble! While the calf scramble may not be sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), this doesn’t diminish its popularity. This fan favorite event takes place during all of rodeos, and it never gets old for locals and our club members. And if you’re scratching your head asking, “Well, what is a