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The Lifetime Achievement Award: Celebrating Decades of Volunteerism

Behind the fireworks, trophies and rodeo action, an army of volunteers puts on the show that has been putting smiles on faces in our community for over 70 years. From preparing the food for the concession stands to working the chutes gates and taking tickets at the box office, the volunteers of the Silver Spurs Rodeo do it all. On the blog, meet this year’s Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, Carolyn Hall and Deloris Moore. Despite the madness of putting

Why your sweetie will appreciate an experience gift this Valentine’s Day

The pressure of Valentine’s Day can be a little overwhelming. Because stores are filled with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals, it can be difficult to pick out a gift that stands out. Not to worry, though – we’ve got a unique gift idea that won’t break the bank or blend in with the crowd. Taking your Valentine to the Silver Spurs Rodeo is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories while also supporting a non-profit organization! On the blog, read

Which past Silver Spurs champions have made it big?

Each year, the Silver Spurs Rodeo welcomes competitors from across the country into the arena, giving locals a chance to see how some of them earned the title Rodeo Champion. However, Silver Spurs has certainly produced its own share of homegrown champs! From the heart of Osceola County all the way to Las Vegas for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR), the Silver Spurs Rodeo has been the first step for many “greenhorns” looking to make their way into rodeo.

Why rodeos in Florida are a MUST for every family vacation

In 2015, Florida became the first state to welcome more than 100 million out-of-state and international tourists, and according to our partners at Experience Kissimmee, over 7 million visitors stay in Kissimmee annually. Between the beaches, theme parks, and all the other cool things you can do in Florida, it’s no surprise that Central Florida is a top U.S. destination for domestic and international travelers. While all those attractions are a great way to start off your vacation, there’s more to

The Coca-Cola Cowboy: Not your average cowboy

Behind the fireworks, trophies and rodeo action, there is an army of volunteers putting on the show that has been bringing smiles to faces in our community for over 70 years. From preparing the food for the concession stands to working the chutes gates and taking tickets at the box office the volunteers of the Silver Spurs Rodeo do it all. Despite the madness of putting on a rodeo, there are always a few of our volunteers that stand out. Each

Here’s proof that you should attend rodeos in Florida at least once

Whether it’s your first time visiting Florida or you’re native to the Sunshine State, there will always be something that surprises you. Kissimmee makes people think of vacations and characters, swamplands and easy access to beaches, but what about the legacy of the original folks that settled here? Back in the day when agriculture wasn’t just the driving force of Florida’s economy, it also served as a source of entertainment. Rodeos like the Silver Spurs Rodeo may have started as a way

What to know about trick riders and the magic behind trick riding

When you hear the word “tricks”, what comes to mind? Evel Knievel riding a motorcycle, jumping over part of the Grand Canyon? Or maybe something like one of David Blaine’s magic tricks? While both of these types of tricks are entertaining and exciting, the rodeo world has a different trick up its sleeve! Meet trick riding (not to be confused with rough stock riding). This goes beyond getting onto a bucking bronc or bull – instead, it involves men and

Popular rodeo myths: Setting the record straight

Twice each year, thousands of people (locals and tourists alike) travel to Silver Spurs Arena to attend our rodeo. And while there are many repeat attendees, there are plenty of newcomers who attend that aren’t necessarily familiar with the sport of rodeo. We have a lot of experience in putting on rodeos. We’ve been doing it for over 70 years! Over time, we’ve found that there’s no shortage of misconceptions about rodeo event scoring, the livestock, and what to expect when you attend

Keeping up with the winners from the Wrangler Champions Challenge in Kissimmee

We mentioned in an earlier blog post that purse money (also known as prize money) isn’t the only factor that influences a rodeo competitor’s decision to travel to a particular rodeo. As the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi (in regards to purse money), we’ve been fortunate enough to attract cowboys from across the country and big names in the rodeo world that have made it into the arena of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association‘s (PRCA) version of the Super Bowl,

The Silver Spurs Quadrille Team: The humble beginnings of a longstanding tradition

Whether you’re new to Osceola County or you’ve been a lifelong resident, the influence that ranching and agriculture had on building this community is obvious. Looking past the small details throughout the county, like the cowboy boots on the streets of Downtown Kissimmee, or murals of the early days on the sides of buildings in St. Cloud, many of the pioneer ranching and farming families held public office and started businesses and organizations that are still operating today – including the Silver

How do contestants choose which Florida rodeos to attend?

Beyond all the enthusiasm from the announcers, the contestants’ adrenaline, and the bright arena lights, there is more to the rodeo athletes you see on the dirt than meets the eye. You might be familiar with the big paychecks and high-profile endorsement deals that other professional athletes, such as football or basketball players, receive. But you won’t likely see that kind of glamorous flaunting from rodeo athletes. One of the main reasons is because, unlike most professional sports, rodeo competitors don’t

The Special Rodeo: A Silver Spurs tradition for more than 30 years

A few months ago, we talked about the humble beginnings of the Silver Spurs Rodeo along with the cattle industry’s influence on Kissimmee. And while our rodeo started off as a way for neighbors and friends to come together in the name of horsemanship and friendly competition, it’s amazing to see how many people come year after year to watch our rodeo. And while many people flock to the stands to watch our Monsters Bulls performance, the Wrangler Champions Challenge or the Silver Spurs