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Larry and Sally Evers share their love for each other and the Silver Spurs Rodeo

Faith, friendship, community, and love are the four pillars that make up the Silver Spurs Riding Club. All of the volunteers have not only a deep love for their community and the sport of rodeo but also one another. Some through friendships and others through marriage. Larry and Sally Evers have been married for 50 years and have spent more than 30 years of marriage together as Silver Spurs members. On this edition of the Heritage Series, Larry and Sally

5 things that surprise people the most about the Silver Spurs Rodeo

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Rodeo is one of America’s oldest and earliest forms of extreme sports. With most of the rodeo events inspired by from everyday ranch chores and the western way of life, it’s easy to see why the sport of rodeo still resonants strongly for many Americans. However, if you’ve never been to a rodeo before, you should know that no two rodeos in Florida will be the same. While they might all feature the same rodeo events: bull riding, saddle bronc riding,

February 2018 Silver Spurs Rodeo Results and Your Champions

Silver Spurs Rodeo in Florida
The 140th Silver Spurs Rodeo took place Friday, February 16th through Sunday, February 18th, featuring rodeo’s seven traditional events: bull riding, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, bareback riding, barrel racing, and team roping. With more than $100,000 in prize money up for grabs, top cowboys and cowgirls from across North America came to compete during this rodeo to claim their share of the prize. Below are the results for the top three winning contestants from each rodeo event.

Norman West and “Rabbit” Hall reflect on what it’s like to work with your best friend

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There is something special about a bunch of cowboys getting together to put on a hometown rodeo. From playing with the club grown rough stock to a freshly grilled rib eye after a successful rodeo weekend, the friendships run deep. Since the very beginning, the Silver Spurs Club has promoted growth in the community through lasting friendships and family. Robert Hall, or “Rabbit” as most people know him, and Norman West are a perfect example of what friendships look like

Giddy-up on these holiday recipes from our Silver Spurs Club members

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that symbolizes a union of excellent food and quality time with loved ones. This Thanksgiving, the Silver Spurs Riding Club reflects on what they’re most thankful for, including these favorite recipes straight from the ladies of the Silver Spurs. On the blog, we’ll share a few of our Spurs’ members’ favorite Thanksgiving recipes to serve at your table this holiday season. The following recipe was sent in by the Silver Spurs Rodeo’s Special Rodeo Chairperson,

Everything and more on what to expect at Boots, Bulls and Barrels

You may be familiar with rodeos in Florida, like the Silver Spurs Rodeo and Monster Bulls, but did you know the Silver Spurs Club is hosting an exciting event your family is sure to love? On Saturday, October 5th, the Silver Spurs Club is inviting local cowboys and cowgirls to compete in our last event of the year, Boots, Bulls and Barrels! On the blog, we’ll go over what you can expect during this event and why your family will

Putting on a rodeo in the 21st century

You might be used to watching old western movies with your grandparents, featuring cowboys “breaking” (also known as taming or domesticating) wild broncs or chasing and roping stray cattle back to their herd. It all may seem lost in the past to most people but, for some Americans, this is just their average Thursday. Rodeos in Florida, as well as much of the western United States, have been a source of entertainment for generations, often instilling a sense of tradition

Life as a Spurs kid: The awesome, the dirty, and the just-plain-different

(This blog post was written by Aubreyann Grissom, a fourth-generation “Spurs kid”.) Can you think of a way that your parents bonded with you when you were younger? Was it watching one of your family’s favorite movies together? Or maybe you share a love for fishing? Well, when you are a Silver Spurs kid, “bonding” can take on a slightly different meaning. Our version of bonding often comes from hours of hard work to make a hometown rodeo and community a better

The history of tie-down roping: From ranch chore to rodeo event

While bull riding’s beginnings originated from what some would call a dare, many of the modern rodeo events you see today have roots in ranching chores of the early days of the Wild West. Though time and technology have changed the landscape of the U.S. and much the rest of the world, the rodeo world sometimes seems unchanged. Many of the contestants you see in the arena aren’t just professional rodeo competitors – they’re often full- or part-time ranchers. Working their cattle, herding steers, and

Kathy Baker explains the significance of Silver Spurs Rodeo what it means for future generations

Whether you like it or not, time changes things. For better or for worse, change is subjective. For many longtime residents in Osceola County, traditions like the rodeo and ranching aren’t just hobbies; they’re a way of life. As many of you may know, the Silver Spurs Riding Club was founded by ranching families that had a passion for horsemanship and friendship. Although the organization was founded in 1941, the founding families passed on the stories and shared these traditions with

Ham Brown shares his fondness for Silver Spurs Rodeo and what it takes to raise cattle

Driving through some parts of Osceola County, away from the theme parks and shopping malls, you’ll see ranch land for miles that make up some of the country’s largest cattle operations, rodeo elements on the sidewalks in our historic downtown, and roads named after ranching families or influencers. While most people drive down Ham Brown Road to go home or to Horizon Middle School, they may not realize that the man named after the road happens to still live off it. We’d like to introduce

The Lifetime Achievement Award: Celebrating Decades of Volunteerism

Behind the fireworks, trophies and rodeo action, an army of volunteers puts on the show that has been putting smiles on faces in our community for over 70 years. From preparing the food for the concession stands to working the chutes gates and taking tickets at the box office, the volunteers of the Silver Spurs Rodeo do it all. On the blog, meet this year’s Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, Carolyn Hall and Deloris Moore. Despite the madness of putting