Miss Silver Spurs – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

No! The Silver Spurs encourages all young ladies with a love for rodeo to enter and compete in this Osceola County tradition.

No. The Miss Silver Spurs, Junior Miss Silver Spurs, and Little Miss Silver Spurs pageants are entry level pageant titles. The committee puts on a series of clinics and practices to teach contestants what being a rodeo queen is all about and how to best present themselves on stage and to the judges.

Girls ages 8 to 11-years-old may compete for the Little Miss Silver Spurs title, girls 12 through 15-years-old may compete for the Junior Miss Silver Spurs title, and girls ages 16 to 21-years-old may compete for the title of Miss Silver Spurs. Contestants must be the appropriate age by the date of the pageant.

An application fee of $100 is required. No additional monies are required to participate. Rehearsal dinners are provided by our gracious pageant sponsors and contestants need only tip money.

That depends… we encourage contestants to buy versatile outfits that can be used for multiple events and appearances and do our best to set forth guidelines that create uniformity and an even playing field. Custom or designer clothes are NOT necessary. Clean, crisp, wrinkle free and flattering clothes are. We do our best to provide resources for where to get clothes fit for rodeo royalty! We also encourage the contestants to seek out pageant sponsors to help cover this expense.

There is a horsemanship competition for Junior Miss Silver Spurs and Miss Silver Spurs contestants, but not for Little Miss Silver Spurs.

Little, Jr and Miss are judged on appearance, personality, and rodeo knowledge demonstrated in a personal interview, speech, and on-stage impromptu question. Jr and Miss will also take a Rodeo knowledge test based on the study materials they receive at 1st orientation. Miss contestants will compete in a horsemanship competition and those points do count toward their overall score, as well as a horsemanship award.

At first orientation, each contestant will be provided with study material for the test and have several weeks to prepare. The test is taken the week of the pageant.

That’s a BIG question. There are so many amazing awards provided by the Silver Spurs and our pageant sponsors.

Awards range from everything from monetary awards and scholarships, to buckles, crowns, sashes, high-end jewelry, saddle accessories, trophies, professional photos, cosmetic bags, custom spurs, professional teeth whitening and much more! And not just the queens receive awards.

We have several awarded positions included 1st Runner-ups in each category, a Miss Photogenic winner in each category, and a Miss Congeniality winner in each category. Best Horsemanship is also a highly esteemed and heavily awarded category for Miss Silver Spurs contestants.

We actually offer three scholarships in addition to other monetary awards.

The horsemanship winner receives a $1,000 scholarship from the Silver Spurs. We also have a separate scholarship aspect in which Miss Silver Spurs contestants write an essay and then are interviewed and judged by a panel of local educators and school board members to determine a 1st place ($1,000) winner and a 2nd place ($500) winner. We have Lewis and Mansour Orthodontics as well as PEO’s Chapter GO to thank for the gracious scholarship funds.

Absolutely not! We will help you learn where to go for help with hair, makeup and clothes.

The Miss Silver Spurs Pageant publishes a beautiful, full-color souvenir program book that is available at the pageant. It is required that each contestant sell a minimum of 2 pages worth of ads for the program book. Contestants are encouraged to sell more to potentially earn one of usually 9-12 monetary award places ranging from $100-$1,000 for those with the highest sales.

Because we are an entry-level pageant and want to help each contestant become her best self and ensure a well-rounded young lady is selected to represent our rodeo, we do spend a great deal of time and effort to put on clinics and practices.

The first orientation for all pageant titles is held in March, with an ad turn-in date in mid-April, and a second orientation held during the first week of May. 

Usually, one clinic is held in April and the week before the pageant there are four pageant rehearsals in the evenings. During the week of the pageant, there is an on-stage rehearsal, then the next few days will be busy with interviews, the test, and horsemanship, leading up to the actual pageant.  No school is required to be missed except some on the day before the pageant (for Junior Miss Silver Spurs and Little Miss Silver Spurs) and the day of the pageant for Little Miss Silver Spurs, when their interviews are set to take place.

We have a third party, non-committee member who locates judges with credentials that are aligned with the Silver Spurs Riding Club’s values. Judges are knowledgeable and experienced in public speaking, professional interviews, professionalism, horsemanship, and have an all-round knowledge of what a rodeo queen should be. Judges complete score sheets in each category and for each contestant then seal them for the CPA. No one knows the outcome and who the winners are until the CPA tallies all the scores and the envelopes are handed to the emcee.

For Miss Silver Spurs contestants, they will be required to complete a horsemanship pattern, a queen’s run, and a flag run in front of the judges and audience the night before the pageant. The pattern is given at the first clinic in April.

Miss Silver Spurs contestants will draw a horse, provided by local equine owners, and will then later switch horses so that the judges can see how a contestant performs on different horses. It is encouraged that contestants seek out lessons and ride as much as possible before the competition. A list of local trainers and facilities will be provided at the first orientation. The horsemanship award is one of the most coveted awards of the competition and comes with a $1,000 scholarship among other awards.

If you have an interest or love watching the rodeo; want to make new friends that will last a lifetime; gain new and wonderful experiences; learn how to conduct a successful interview; build public speaking skills; have fun and get dressed up; become more confident; represent our county’s rich traditions; have the opportunity to win fabulous prices… then this pageant is for you!

Little Miss contestants curate their speech on “Why do I want to be Little Miss Silver Spurs?”
Jr and Miss contestants will draw their speech topic at first orientation.
Speeches should be no longer than 2 minutes for all age groups.
Little Miss contestants will wear the same outfit for their interview as they will for the pageant. Jeans, boots, hats, and belt are required. Any color is fine.
Jrs and Miss will wear jeans, boots, belt, and cowboy hat for their interview. Miss contestants will wear that same outfit for the horsemanship competition with only accessories (jewelry) allowed to be changed.
For the on-stage portion, Jrs and Miss will wear full-length dresses (ankle length or longer) that are at least three-quarter sleeves, along with boots, hat, and belt.
For ALL meetings, practices and clinics, simple long sleeve western-style shirts with jeans, boots, belt and hat are required. Nothing fancy is necessary.

Judges will ask rodeo knowledge questions from the information provided in the contestants packets that they will receive at orientation. They will also ask questions to get to know your personality. Some judges may even ask current event questions.

Little contestants will be asked a topic of their choice from their application that they will turn in at second orientation.
Jrs and Miss will be asked a question from their study material they will receive at first orientation.