Miss Silver Spurs Application

Miss, Jr. Miss, & Little Miss Silver Spurs Pageant Contestant Application, Rules and Regulations

Please read the complete list of rules and frequently asked questions page prior to submitting the application.

Application forms must be filled out COMPLETELY and accurately. Falsified application information will cause immediate disqualification by the pageant committee. All applications must be typed and submitted by email to Tsbrowning1994@gmail.com by February 28th, 2023. NO application will be considered that is late. A Mandatory Orientation Meeting must be attended by the contestant and at least one parent and will be held at Osceola Heritage Park, Sunday, March 5th, 2023 at 2:30 p.m. The pageant will take place on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Do not write in the area or put a photo in the designated place for your pageant photo. The pageant committee will place your photo on the form. If additional space is needed for your application, an additional paper may be attached. The Contestant Application Fee ($100.00) must be submitted online at the time of application submittal. Applications received without payment will be discarded.

A copy of your birth certificate, a printed, BLANK Rules and Regulation Form, along with the BLANK Hold Harmless Agreement must be brought to 1st orientation. You will be required to sign the Rules and Regulations as well as the Hold Harmless Agreement at orientation with a notary. Please retain a copy of the completed application for your records and to help with interview prep. Copies will not be provided once they are in our possession.

Type contestant’s name exactly the way you want it announced throughout the pageant and the way it is to appear in the program book, newspaper and media releases. Information on the application will be used to create the pageant script and to create questions during all pageant events. Changes will not be accepted after the submission of your application. Also, be sure to include the names of all parents, as you want them announced. If you have more than one set of parents and you want them to be mentioned during the pageant, please indicate this information on the document. We are not responsible for information left out of the paperwork.

If you have any pageant or application questions, please contact, Tihler Franey, Chairperson at 321-624-9251. Please feel free to call anytime between 10 AM – 8 PM.

On the day of orientation, please bring the printed copy of your application, a blank version of the rules and regulations, and hold harmless agreement to sign with a notary present.

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