Kathy Baker explains the significance of Silver Spurs Rodeo what it means for future generations

Whether you like it or not, time changes things. For better or for worse, change is subjective. For many longtime residents in Osceola County, traditions like the rodeo and ranching aren’t just hobbies; they’re a way of life. As many of you may know, the Silver Spurs Riding Club was founded by ranching families that had a passion for horsemanship and friendship. Although the organization was founded in 1941, the founding families passed on the stories and shared these traditions with their children, to pass on to their children, and so on.

For members like Kathy Baker, the Silver Spurs Club represents something bigger than just tradition, but more of a heirloom of her family’s history. We’d like to introduce you to the Kathy and help share her story of growing up in Kowtown, her involvement with the Silver Spurs Club, and what being a part of this organization means to her.

Born in Kissimmee to Geech and Connie Partin, Kathy was able share stories about some of her favorite memories growing up in the Club.

“Growing up as a kid with the Silver Spurs was always a lot of fun. But one of my favorite memories had to be all the playdates we had as kids… One moment that sticks out to me is we had this game where we would each try to climb up this greased pole to win $5, and of course I tried it! I ruined my shirt, but memories like that really mean a lot to me.”

But for Kathy, the thing she treasures the most about growing up in the Silver Spurs Club isn’t the big names that come to compete in the rodeo, or the prize money, but the uniqueness of caring on a tradition and organization that her parents help start.

“My dad was so funny… He would ride his horse in front of the big exclusive stores in Downtown Orlando and just was a character. I mean, that’s the way our life was, if you ask Barbara, Martha, or Becky, or any of ’em, they would all tell you the same thing. You had the rodeo in February and the rodeo in July, and we never went on a vacation. I think the first rodeo I missed was the year I graduated high school.”

While she was heavily involved in the Silver Spurs Rodeos in Kissimmee, competing in women’s barrel racing and riding with the Silver Spurs quadrille team, it wasn’t until 1973 that Kathy became an official Silver Spurs member. When Kathy got older, she and her first husband would come up with a system to better catalog her family’s cattle based on their type of breed, whether they were pregnant, and if they had their shots. With experience running this cattle database for a few years, it was a natural transition for Kathy to study hard and receive her rodeo secretary license so she could keep records of the Silver Spurs Rodeo’s competitors. And she’s been doing ever since.