Norman West and “Rabbit” Hall reflect on what it’s like to work with your best friend

There is something special about a bunch of cowboys getting together to put on a hometown rodeo. From playing with the club grown rough stock to a freshly grilled rib eye after a successful rodeo weekend, the friendships run deep. Since the very beginning, the Silver Spurs Club has promoted growth in the community through lasting friendships and family. Robert Hall, or “Rabbit” as most people know him, and Norman West are a perfect example of what friendships look like in the Silver Spurs Club.

Together, Rabbit and Norman work for David and Vianne Smith on Vida Ranch in Kenansville, Florida. In and out of the Silver Spurs Club, these two have shared some great times together and continue to do so on an everyday basis. From adventures right here in Central Florida all the way to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, there are laughs shared among them wherever they go.

In 1980, Rabbit Hall became a Silver Spurs member and over the years has earned a name (and a reputation) for his work behind the chutes. Although he doesn’t actively help with the livestock anymore, he is still a well-known storyteller, avid Silver Spurs member, and was just recently awarded the distinguished Coca-Cola Cowboy award alongside fellow Silver Spurs member, Preston Wells Jr. When it comes to the Silver Spurs Quadrille or horse shenanigans, he is the best kid and grandkid wrangler around. He’s made a name for himself when it comes to his family and friends by giving funny, yet meaningful, advice or giving you a unique nickname, which just so happens to be his specialty!

Norman West joined the Silver Spurs Club in 1968 and has been involved in the timed events section of the rodeo. Norman currently manages the production side of the rodeo and is your “go-to guy” when you need help with a grand entry or some much-needed horse advice. He is always there to help when you are in a pickle, and he has definitely helped Rabbit get out of a few.

Norman and Rabbit have been friends for more than 20 years and will both play their parts in our upcoming October rodeo! Make sure to save the date for September 1st when tickets go on sale for our 2nd Boots, Bulls and Barrels rodeo. This one-night spooky event will feature rodeo fans’ favorite events: bull riding and barrel racing. To keep up with the Halloween spirit, the Silver Spurs Riding Club invites children to dress up in their Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat around the concourse. Hope to see you there!