Silver Spurs Historical Recognitions

silver spurs historical recognitionEach year, the Silver Spurs Board of Directors carefully chose two men to receive the honor of Coca-Cola Cowboy and two women to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. These Silver Spurs historical recognitions honor four of their most devoted members. The Coca Cola Cowboy award started in 1982 and the Lifetime Achievement Award began in 1992. These awards honor the men and women of the club that have dedicated their time and efforts to keeping our heritage alive.  

During the event, dinner is served, stories are told and laughs are shared as the winners celebrate with their fellow Spurs members and family. The Coca-Cola Cowboys are given a coveted bright red jacket and a black cowboy hat and the Lifetime Achievement Award winners are given an engraved plaque as well as a commemorative clock.

Coca-Cola Cowboys

This year, the Silver Spurs Riding Club honored Herb Harbin and Henry Fletcher with their own black cowboy hat and bright red jacket.

Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award

This year, the Silver Spurs Riding Club honored Barbara Harbin and Pat May with an engraved plaque and commemorative clock.silver spurs historical recognition